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La moraleja
07 de octubre de 2022
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Vinyasa style yoga classes in La Casa de la Luna with Inga

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La moraleja

Inga, I’m soo not flexible! I’m such a stick…I could never do Yoga!”

This what I heard again just two days ago, again.  This is possibly the biggest misconception regarding Yoga.  Quite the opposite, the stiffer you are, the more Yoga is for you! And then again, flexibility is just one of innumerable benefits Yoga brings to your life, from stronger and healthier body to more peaceful and balanced mind, to more positive and joyful outlook in life.  It sounds like too good to be true…because it is!


Yoga therapy is the specific application of Yoga tools to address an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional needs, and are tailored to individual cases.  Yoga Therapy is a safe way of working with the natural capacity of the body, in order to activate its self-healing mechanism.  Yoga Therapy uses the techniques and practices of yoga including physical postures and sequences, breathing and meditation.

Yoga therapy is an excellent way to compliment other forms of therapy, and it’s typically done in collaboration with other health professionals (doctors, psychotherapists, etc.) providing a team-approach.


Yoga and Yoga Therapy is for everyone!!! As I have heard my husband say: “we all have accumulated a little dust of our daily life”, so most of us are possibly experiencing some difficulties regarding muscular tension or weakness, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, weight control, general aches and pains (lower/upper back, sciatica, shoulder, neck, hip, etc.); and thus, Yoga and Yoga Therapy is perfect for all of us!

Athletes can also benefit from Yoga Therapy sessions. Yoga is a holistic system that teaches skills many athletes seek, such as control over the mind and the body; good breathing habits and relaxation techniques while under pressure; and higher levels of flexibility and injury aversion.

Yoga shifts the body into a more relaxed state, by switching OFF the “fight or flight mode” of regular exercise, and switching ON the parasympathetic nervous system, creating the environment where the body can heal itself. The practice will enhance a person’s overall performance by increasing power, endurance, balance and proprioception with minimal or no risk.  It is an excellent way to prevent injuries, enhance recovery, and improve mental strength.

Individuals with busy schedules, those who feel uncomfortable in a group class/session environment, as well as those who are looking to create a home-practice with friends and/or family, would greatly benefit from the Yoga Instructor/Therapist’s guidance.

Some of the more common benefits include an increased sense of overall health and well-being; improved sleep, posture, strength, flexibility, range of motion, coordination and balance; relief of common aches and pains; reduced symptoms of chronic disorders; better stress management and mood regulation.


Yoga Therapy sessions focus on individual assessments of client’s needs and goals to help manage specific symptoms and conditions.  Sessions are adapted to each individual’s unique situation and health challenges in order to help/improve and maintain optimized health.

The first session will consist of 3 assessments: postural, mobility and musculoskeletal. This evaluation will provide information about client’s posture, mobility and flexibility, muscle weakness/strength/tightness, basic range of motion, quality and efficiency of the breathing patterns, and overall readiness for a yoga practice.  From this information the therapist will design an individualized practice.  Client participation and active engagement will be a primordial element towards a successful outcome.

Inga offers Vinyasa style yoga classes in La Casa de la Luna on Wednesdays  19.00-20.15 and Fridays 15.00 – 16.15 together with Private Yoga or Yoga Therapy sessions that can be arranged in the studio or your home. Contact: alicia@lacasadelaluna.org

Tlfno: 609764179

About Inga:

Inga is a mother, sports enthusiast, and a healthy-living-lover that grew up in a family of organic farmers and herbalists. Her relationship with yoga began 15 years ago in India and through the years she was fortunate to learn and practice with great teachers in India, Dubai (UAE), Bali (Indonesia), Costa Rica and the US.  In 2011 Inga became a certified Vinyasa style teacher, leaving behind her Interior Design and Aviation careers.  Later on, Inga acquired a BA degree in Yoga Therapy, which required extensive studies in  the fields of Ayurveda, Anatomy, Therapeutic Physiology, Kinesiology, and Spiritual Wellness.

Inga recently relocated to Madrid, and she is excited to share her love for yoga in Casa de la Luna.

Inga creates alignment based sessions to inspire the mind and tone the body by joining breath and movement. The classes are infused with core strength, deep stretching, dynamic and skillful movement. The intention is to create an empowering and joyful experience so the students will step off the mat feeling energized, centered and rejuvenated.

Inga is passionate about the way the human body works and its ability to heal itself; her long term goal is to lead people towards healthier and fuller life.

Inga offers Vinyasa style classes, Private Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Core Strength/Yoga Shred, Children Yoga and Yoga Therapy









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